From Courtroom
to Boardroom

From the courtroom to the boardroom, Michael Burke delivers a unique business perspective to his clients. As a successful trial attorney and business analyst, Michael is a trusted advisor to many corporations. His well-honed negotiation acumen led him to conduct policy research for the Rand Global Think Tank.

Whether creating a business strategy, resolving complex litigation, or structuring deals for his clients, Michael is a sought-after advisor. It is not unusual for other law firms to retain his services to help them structure a stronger litigation strategy with follow-up business plans.

skyscraper buildings at sunset

skyscraper buildings at sunset

Reducing Your Risk of Litigation

By investing the time to learn about your business operations and obstacles to scale, proactive counsel and legal strategies are designed to help your business achieve its long-term goals. We identify business threats and implement risk mitigation strategies to prevent litigation as well as minimizing harm to your brand and reputation.